Restoration Candidates

Good Candidates:
  1. Books in Good, Good +, Very Good, Very Good + and in very rare cases Fine condition. Occasionally fair books are considered provided that the book is complete.
  2. Books whose spine has split (not due to fragility), tears along spine, edges, interior page tears.
  3. Books with chips missing such is common along margins.
  4. Books with small pieces missing at top and bottom of spine and corners.
  5. Books with tape (not excessive).
  6. Books that are dirty from dust, grime or markings.
  7. Books with a spine roll that require staple removal and original staple reassembly.

Bad Candidates:

  1. Brittle or fragile books. Books that have significant browning of pages and are crumbling to the touch.
  2. Large pieces missing (sections of artwork) either on front and back covers or interior pages.
  3. Previously touched up or heavily restored books.
  4. Books with significant tapes such as magic tape, scotch or masking tape that have left brown stains.
  5. Covers that have faded or discolored beyond recognition.